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Product Details  

AnnaOrked introduces our new line, Riri Shawl as part of AnnaOrked’s hijab collections. Made up from the exclusive textured chiffon that is opaque yet breathable, this will guarantee Riri Shawl to flow effortlessly without abandoning the aspect of comfort for the wearers.

Riri Shawl makes its own statement that differs it from the other shawls in the market with its baby seam finishing and 2 in 1 cutting design (curve and straight cuttings) 

The ironless material is ideal for the hectic daily life and a fine choice as your partner while travelling around. Can be ware for all types of events, Riri Shawl comes out with 16 gorgeous colours to ensure that the wide selection of colour can fulfil your needs and you can mix match without worries.

Making a statement is easy with Riri Shawl! Every purchase is beautifully wrapped with our exclusive box. Perfect as presents, for others and for yourself.


• 2 meter x 0.8 meter ( approximately )

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