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Product Details 

AnnaOrked presents Naylaa Luxe Bawal, one of the bestseller lines from AnnaOrked since 2016. Naylaa Luxe Bawal is ensembled from matte satin premium, a less slippery and lightweight fabric that flows flawlessly and effortlessly. These elements are symbolizing the elegance and exclusivity of Naylaa Luxe Bawal.

Naylaa Luxe Bawal comes with its own finishing of mini scallop as part of its own trademark that makes it so unique and different that the existing products in today’s market. Naylaa Luxe Bawal is a hijab that well-suited for the women that live in such a modern and colourful life. A hijab for women who seek for elegance hijabs to accompany them to various events.

Naylaa Luxe Bawal is so elegance and exclusive that it can be ware for your special day such as your engagement, wedding or solemnization. Naylaa Luxe Bawal is perfect as a present, for others and for yourself too. Make a woman of your life happier with Naylaa Luxe Bawal! 

Product Descriptions

Every purchase is beautifully wrapped with our exclusive box. Perfect as presents, for others and for yourself. 


• 45 inch (larger than the existing size in the market)

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