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Product Details 

AnnaOrked presents our abstract design shawl, Hannah Instant Shawl. The bustling of modern life has created the needs to simplified and easing the life. Hannah Instant Shawl is a symbol for that by assisting the women of modern world to have the easier choice to wear their hijabs without neglecting the aspects of elegance, uniqueness and classiness.  

Hannah Instant Shawl is an instant shawl comes with the awning and made up from MossCrepe Italia, a lightweight but not see through fabric. Thus, Hannah Instant Shawl will flow effortlessly without abandoning the comfort of the wearers.

Hannah Instant Shawl comes out with interlock stitching  Hannah Instant Shawl is a perfect as a present, for others and for yourself too. Make a woman of your life happier with Hannah Instant Shawl! 

Every purchase is beautifully wrapped with our exclusive box. Perfect as presents, for others and for yourself. Free exclusive keychain for every purchase of Hannah Instant Shawl.  


 • Free size can adjust from Medium to Large

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